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Empowering You(th)


Miguel Utrero está a realiza o seu proxecto de SVE en Portugal an Casa Pia de Lisboa - CED de Santa Clara como entidade de acollida e con ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil como entidade coordinadora.

En inglés nos indica como está a realizar o seu proxecto mes a mes:

Outubro 2016

"I have to admit that before coming to my work environment I was very uncertain about what could happen, because for the good of the volunteers in the initial interview always put us examples of complicated situations and how we would tackle them. My surprise in this first month of October has been that the children I work with will behave in a way between them for my unheard of, treat each other as brothers, and in the foster home there is a family atmosphere that makes That I feel very good, like at home. The educators who work here have also greatly influenced my comfort. As for my work with the children, I have to admit that the first two weeks were difficult for me, because I had no confidence with them and only slowly and with great patience have I managed to have a good relationship with them in an environment Of "collegue", they see me as a referent but closer than an educator, with confidence to tell me some things that are important for them so that I give them my opinion or advise them. Also important is my presence to accompany them to the park to play soccer, to buy things they need or just to take a walk .. As for volunteering I am very happy to be meeting new people from so many places in the world, it is grateful Experience for myself and for my personal development."


Nobembro 2016

"In this month of November we had a training course in Braga, which was very fun, as we did a lot of activities, meeting people from all over the world and working with people from different cultures to mine, which is something that is always appreciated. On the other hand I feel very useful in my project, since there are some children that depend on me to do things outside the house, from going to buy things they need to go to play in the park, or go to the young space of Queijas Play with them. I am doing since the beginning of this month a small Portuguese-Spanish dictionary, since I saw the need to try to encourage children with this topic. They do not pay much attention but my idea is to finish it and leave it here so that it serves both the children who live here now and those who come in the future. I also found two ping pong shovels, and improvised a table to play, taking advantage of the table in the study room and putting a row of books as if it were a net. I bought balls at a Chinese store, both of ping pong and foosball, taking advantage that they had one here that did not work well. We dismantled it one afternoon, and unlocked the interior so that it would work again. Children are very grateful for these gestures as they are things for them."


Decembro 2016

"In this month of December, I continue with the obligations to accompany the children to the psychologist, to pick them up from school, to take them with their family ... it is a moment that is appreciated since it is possible to speak with them in another context and they are shown more As they are in reality and also serves to create a greater confidence with them and to know more of their personal situation of each one. One day I fancied it and asked my mentor for permission to make a chocolate cake for the children. They told me that there was no problem, and I bought the ingredients and I made them with the help of them, and we ate them for dessert after dinner. It was fun and they had a great time cooking, which has given me the idea of doing a culinary project in the future, preparing typical Spanish foods to bring them a little closer to my culture, and I believe that through collaboration with Preparing the dishes in the kitchen can achieve objectives that promote fellowship and the good relationship between them. We were also invited to a dinner in Porto some of the volunteers, which was very good since it was an opportunity to meet new people, a new city ... also given the dates we have been preparing Christmas, prepare the tree, the Lights, decoration ... I also came three days before New Year changing my schedule to the morning to be able to do things with the children who stayed here and did not go with their families. "